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Support Through Birth and Beyond

A doula is a puzzling thing. 


Her simple presence at a birth brings big benefits to the laboring mother.

According to the Cochrane Review published online in July 2017, laboring mothers who receive continuous support from a doula are more likely to deliver spontaneously, less likely to need pain medications, less likely to have a baby with a low APGAR score, and more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience. There is also some evidence to suggest mothers who labor and deliver with a doula present experience less postpartum depression. No negative consequences have been found to having doula support in labor.

Dr. John H. Kennel said it best,

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”


Simple Beginnings Birth Services is pleased to provide doula support

to the mothers of Fredericksburg and the Northern Neck,

wherever they choose to birth.

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